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Included with C&C Transcription, Inc.'s Services:


  Free 24/7 dictation via local call or Nationwide 800 #

  Everything stays in the U.S.A!

  You don't pay for FICA!

You don't pay for worker's compensation insurance!

  You don't pay for employee benefits such as vacation time, medical benefits or sick time!

You don't pay for additional equipment, it's maintenance or upgrades!

You don't have to buy new equipment or learn new software!

   You don't pay for extra office space!

   HIPAA Compliant

   Volume Discounts

   Referral Discounts

   Early-Bird Payment Discounts

   EMR (Retrieve Completed Files) via FREE 24/7 SECURE website

   Next Business Day Delivery (TAT)

   Daily Logs of all completed files

   Receipt # (tracking number) for each patient dictated

   Serving Physicians, Hospitals and Clinics since 1992

   Offering Transcription Services Full-Time, Part-Time  or on a Fill-In Basis






PO Available for Government Facilities 

Description of Services


(800) 785-2787 or (407) 240-3213


Medical, Legal, Business, Video/Audio, Government, Academic/Education, Financial Institutions, Military, Hotels, Advertising/Media, Real Estate, Convention/Civic Centers, Marketing, Seminars, Rental Car Agencies, Adjusters, Workers Comp Claims, State Government, County Government, City  Government, Insurance Industry, Private Investigation, Magazines, Newspapers, Entertainment, Infomercials, VideoGame Industry, ScreenPlays, Scripts, Authors/Writers, TV/Radio/Podcast - ANY AND ALL INDUSTRIES




  3. We offer complete transcription solutions and we are certain that our qualified transcriptionists and editors can meet all your transcription requirements.

  4. Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Registered & Certified Notary Public on Staff (FL ONLY)

  5. Better than EMR and voice recognition software When using our service, you save a lot of time which can be utilized in patient care.  When using our services, there is no capital investment and your time is not wasted in training of the software and working of templates to capture data at the point of care.

  6. We can accommodate toll free dictation as well as digital recorders.

  7. C&C does NOT outsource transcription to a third party (i.e. overseas).  All work performed in USA!

  8. C&C transcribes Standard & Microcassette Tapes, CDs, DVDs, MP3, .DSS, Digital Recordings, Digital Recorder, SanDisk Cards, Video, Flash Video, DivX, QuickTime, Flash Drives, Thumb Drives, Wav/Audio Files, Windows Media, Real Player, FTP, Free Telephone Recorded Dictation (Toll-Free & Local), Handwritten/Typed Documents, CourtSmart Digital Formats or Other Media

  9. When using our services, clinics, practices and firms save thousands of dollars every year.

  10. Very Courteous Customer Service with very Prompt Response Time.

  11. Many add-on features such as Free cost of editing, changes and/or corrections.

  12. Custom formatting of your reports and ability to work with macros and templates.

  13. Our services are completely customized to suit your requirements.

  14. MULTIPLE SPECIALTIES WELCOMED - Medical and Legal Practices

  15. General Typing, Secretarial and Business Services

  16. Reduced pricing is available for large groups, practices, firms, clinics and hospitals.

  17. Honest and accurate line and page counts

  18. No minimum volume

  19. Full-Time, Part-Time, Fill-In, Vacation or Overflow Work Relief Available

  20. C&C will provide transcription services of medical, legal, video and business information provided via telephone recorded dictation and other media as agreed to by C&C and the CUSTOMER.

  21. Recordings Audio/Video or other media can be sent via e-mail (Free, Secure & Easy to Use), FTP or a link to a site for us to retrieve. You can also Mail or send via FedEx, DHL, or UPS.  Also, if local Drop off and Pick up at our office via courier or in-person.

  22. SAVE countless hours searching for or scanning patient records. Avoid scanning errors and/or errors during cutting and pasting patient records. C&C can provide digital charts in a non-proprietary format as either PDF or TIFF files.  These are conventional files that can be used with any Windows-based program. These PDF or TIFF files should be compatible with any EMR or document workflow program

  23. C&C will deliver completed transcription via printed form (mailed), EMR (our FREE 24/7 SECURE website) where you retrieve files, e-mailed (encrypted if needed), uploaded onto your computer, faxed, printed on C&C's equipment and/or saved onto CD (mailed) or USB Flash Drive (STAT, Weekend and after hours are subject to additional charges.)

  24. Free Faxing, E-Mail, Free Internet-Based Delivery, Mailing, Courier Available (Fee-Based)

  25. FREE Customer Support and technical services support.

  26. C&C is available anytime day or night - and our exceptional customer service team are only a phone call away.  We will be there for you when you need us most.

  27. Avoid costly recruitment and training.

  28. Eliminate staffing shortages and turnover.

  29. Handle increasing and/or fluctuating volume.

  30. Avoid major capital investment.

  31. Eliminate the headaches of equipment upgrades and maintenance.

  32. Save money by sending us your office letterhead and templates because there is no charge for preprinted letterhead characters or template headings.

  33. Reduce overhead and administrative costs by up to 50%

  34. 24-hour access to data

  35. Toll Free (800) and Local Telephone numbers.  Easily accessible - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  36. Secure Servers with Firewalls

  37. Storage of files on highly secure network drives

  38. Long-term Storage of Data (File Retention)

  39. Specialty Formats - Give C&C a copy of any letterhead or formats and we will customize your transcripts the way you prefer them at no additional cost.

  40. C&C will maintain and update password protection of computer records and will provide a backup database of patient records.

  41. C&C will provide emergency "TELETRANS" service for telephone or digital recorder transcription with a 4 - 8 hour completion and FAX delivery of transcription and/or uploaded . C&C will FAX transcription directly to CUSTOMER's office, and/or to applicable insurance carrier (subject to additional charges) as designated by CUSTOMER. (Retention of Protected Health Information) C&C shall retain all Protected Health Information throughout the term of HIPAA Agreement/Addendum and shall continue to maintain the information required for a period of six (6) years after termination of the HIPAA Agreement.

  42. Quality Assurance Via four-phase architecture in place to ensure error-free reports and swift turnaround times.

  43. Proofreading by Professional Editors

  44. Use of State-of-The-Art Technology