What is needed before Notary arrives

Identification Needed:

Current Driver's License with description, photograph and physical description.

Name must be the same on your documents you are signing.

(We can always add to signature on document, but never sign less than what is on documents to be prepared. AKA on documents may be needed.)

Current Passport with current information.

Be prepared to be finger-printed and placed under oath.

No documents will be notarized if there are any unfllled blanks.

1. Document signer must personally appear before the Notary at time of notarization--not before, not after.

A telephone call from the signer or the Notary's familiarity with a signature is not a personal appearance.

2. The Notary must identify the signer through either (1) personal knowledge (2) vouching of personally known reliable, uninvolved witness who is under oath (3) current government-issued ID card with photograph, signature and physical description.

(Current Driver's License or Passport with same name as what is on document to be signed)

If name on document is longer than name on ID we can sign with AKA. If less than name on ID then you will have to have the document rewrote. I can have you sign if name is different on your IDs. However, it can not be less than what is on the document to notarized. If ID name is less than it is on document then we can still notarize.

We can only notarize original documents. So please check the documents before a notary comes out. A fee will be charged even if nothing was notarized. This is for notary's time and travel.

3. We can notarize without id at times, but you will be placed under oath and should have at least two witness's to verify whom you are. And they must have no interest in the notarization.......


If no License or Passport or Identification?

Will need 2 credible witness's with id's that have no interest in the notarization, nor have their names listed anywhere in documents.

No one can be named in the document you are having notarized. The credible witness's must have no interest in the document being signed.

They can be friends, neighbors and relatives. As long as their names are not in documents and they have no interest.

They must have id's and will be required to sign notary book and will be fingerprinted. They may be placed under oath.


Cost for Services

Travel Fees are separate from Notarial Fees and are Determined by Distance Traveled and $10.00 for each signature needed. 

Some documents require more than one signature. So please take notice of documents to be signed. Signature is one signature! Not for each piece of paper! One paper may require more than one signature. Example: Husband and wife signs that is two signatures on one page. Cost is $20.00.

Out of Orlando area I will charge an additional fee. Depending on location and drive time and type of notarization needed.

I prefer cash. I accept credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Discover & PayPal.  Please make sure you have funds available before you call me.

Before I arrive make sure you have read all documents and understand them all. I get paid for services whether you sign or not. So make sure you have read everything. I will not charge for notarization only my service fee, if you change your mind in signing after I get there you are still liable for my time and travel.

Loan doc prices dependent upon amount of documents and travel time/distance. For loan docs payment preferably in advance with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or Discover (i.e. paid at time of service preferable - Not billed). Paid whether loan goes through or not.

Documents that will not be notarized!

1.Birth certificates  2.No vital records.  3.No deeds.  Copies of these documents must be issued only by the appropriate public records custodian.